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Oakland Domestic Violence Attorney Francisco Rodriguez has been successfully defending domestic violence allegations in the Oakland Superior Courts and the San Francisco Bay Area courts for the past 20 years. Attorney Francisco Rodriguez has defended Oakland Domestic Violence cases from the pre-file stage through the trial stages of the case. This includes felonies and misdemeanors with and without injury. His success rate in helping the government to see his client's innocence is unparalleled.

One of the biggest concerns with Oakland domestic violence cases is obviously jail, the length of domestic violence classes if convicted and immigration consequences if not a citizen. This maze of consequences can only be navigated with an experienced Attorney behind the wheel. Do not attempt to do this on your own the damage is irreparable. Attorney Rodriguez understands that domestic violence can never be tolerated, but also understands that there are many reasons that exist as to why a close relative or significant other will fabricate domestic violence allegations. It is important to seek the truth and look for the innocence before anyone talks about sentencing.

If you have been arrested for an Oakland domestic violence charge you must contact to assist you in your matter attorney Francisco Rodriguez.  Call for a free consultation at (510) 504 2030




Our Attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in Oakland domestic violence cases. We have successfully handled cases involving disputes and allegations of violence between husband and wife, legal partners, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents of children and family relatives. We understand that domestic violence exist and it is not acceptable in any form, however, we also understand that often times these charges are based on fabrication in order to accoplish different goals. Sometimes these goals have to do with aquiring legal status in the Untied States, sometimes these goals involve getting an upper hand on a divorce or separation. Many times the purpose of making these allegations is in order to acquire a Stay Away order from the Court which gives many legal benefits and power to the protected person.

If you have been charged with any violation of domestic violence such as Penal Code Sections 273.5, 273.6. 243(e), 242 or an allegation of violating a stay away order, you would be making a mistake by not calling us for a consultation of your case.

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